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SaleMyTractor helps you make profitable deals when buying and selling tractors, increases the dynamics of trading and gives you a transparent understanding of the market. Artificial intelligence helps both sides of the market find what they need: good deals, the right customers, and close the deal quickly. The module has incorporated a number of functions:
  • - Select target audience
  • - Automatic mailing to potential buyers
  • - Create search queries with automatic notifications of new items
Marketplace with goods and services from different categories. Agricultural and special equipment, seeding material, feed additives, crop protection products and much more - everything is here. Listings are placed by retailers, farmers, consultants and service providers. Go to the market overview now!
In the Maps module you can manage the field bank, divide your farm into clusters and form different groups, manage agronomic processes and create production maps, maintain a multi-year history of fields with documentation of agricultural operations. Data exchange with consultants, as an additional feature, allows you to improve the quality of preparation and execution of agricultural operations.


ProFermer Tools
We optimize the power of agricultural and special equipment up to 30% with fuel savings up to 20%. We optimize operating parameters while preserving the original software. Request a free consultation and our specialist will contact you to discuss how to optimize your machine's engines.
Expanding our dealer network
ProFermer Tools is a significant value-added service to your portfolio. With many years of international experience we are expanding our network to be able to provide the service in time to keep up with the constantly growing demand. We are open for cooperation with dealers and service centers that focus on agricultural and special equipment.